Where a soundbar should be placed?

Today, almost every household has a TV, which keeps changing in specifications and its accessories. The latest trend related to TVs is converting them into home theaters. Home theaters give viewers a cinema or theater-like experience, in terms of video and audio. The best way to improve your TV’s audio quality is by getting yourself a soundbar. It is a device designed to provide sound that’s superior to what your TV can provide. 

Different Soundbar Placement Options

The proper location of the soundbar is critical in enhancing the overall audio experience. So, here are some of the best soundbar positioning choices to consider.

Let’s take a look.

1. Install under the television

This is the most common soundbar set up. Most smart TVs these days are hanged on a wall which mostly faces the center of a room and around which all the sitting space is managed. So, it would only be a good idea to set up the soundbar right under the TV, either on the wall itself or on a console or a desk.

2. On the table’s top

When you have a television with a stand and don’t want to put it on the wall, putting the soundbar on top of the table directly in front of the television is a good option. When you put it near the TV, you’ll get better connectivity.

3. On the Ground

Another popular option is to place the soundbar on the floor. The soundbar can be placed anywhere on the floor near the TV. The floor acts as a medium of transfer and gives you a unique experience. Z

If you have children, however, this place is not for you. You must exercise extreme caution because children can damage the soundbar as well as themselves.

4. Behind the Couch

In case you don’t have the space to mount on the wall or to put on the table then you can choose this placement option. 

However, when keeping the soundbar at this position you will feel like the sound is coming from behind and it may also affect the quality of the sound.

5. Soundbar Positioning Issues

There are various issues associated with each soundbar positioning. The connector from the TV is closer to the bottom part of it than normal, and wall mounting it below the television can cause some interference.

As a result, rather than mounting it on the wall, it is preferable to simply place it on the table. If your soundbar is too big, it will block the receiver, rendering your remote useless.


The main reason for buying a soundbar is that you want to enhance your audio experience which will be of no use if the soundbar is placed incorrectly. 

So, I hope this article has been helpful for you in giving your ideas about possible soundbar setup locations.

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