Soundbar and Netflix: Troubleshooting Common Issues

Soundbars have taken the audio industry by storm. Their demand has skyrocketed owing to their excellent audio qualities combined with their lightweight and compact size which makes them ideal for small spaces.

Soundbars convert your simple TV lounge into a home theater. Now, what better way is there to enjoy a home theater than Netflix and Chill? But the thing is that many people face issues when they try to use Netflix on their TV that is connected to a soundbar.

In this article, the readers will find out how they troubleshoot common problems that they might be facing or might have to face in the future with their soundbars while trying to stream Netflix.

Today, almost all the smart TVs and viewing devices come with Netflix preinstalled. Most of the time, users will not face any issue and even if they do, a simple update of the app will solve it. Other times, it can give you a headache.

What you can do?

The first thing that you can do is the very basic of solutions. You need to check for any loose wiring or bad connections. If the soundbar is working with other apps and is compatible with the TV itself, then you need to adjust the settings on both, the soundbar and the TV. Some TVs are set by default to not let any audio go out, you need to configure the audio outputs to solve that.

If this is not the case, then you need to check out the following issues that are common among Netflix users. These can get a bit tricky and it would be better for you to get someone who knows his way around electronics. 

You need to check for the following possible issues and take care of them as you move down the list.

Wrong Netflix audio settings

Netflix settings are set by default to use the audio outlet of the device itself, such as the inbuilt speakers of a device or the AUX cable outlet for hands-free or headphones.

To check if this is the issue with your device or not, just access the Netflix audio settings from the app itself and adjust them accordingly. If the issue remains, then move onto the next step.

Wrong TV Audio Configuration

The same problem in settings can be on the side of the TV or the device that you are trying to use the Netflix on as well. Access your TV audio settings and go to audio output. Each TV has its settings, look through the ones on yours and try to solve the issue.

System Drivers Not Loading

Older smart TVs might not have the software or the drivers to detect a soundbar or an audio device. To make your device detect the soundbar, you will have to shut both of them down at the same time and then turn them on as well. This allows the TV capacitors to flush out any unnecessary data and a full hardware shutdown can do the trick. It will clear off the device memory to clear out any issues.

Out of Date Software

Some devices might not be compatible with each other due to them not being upgraded to their latest software. A simple upgrade that might need only a few MBs or GBs will solve do the trick and allow both the devices to detect and connect.

Faulty Hardware

This is the last solution and the worst-case scenario. You will need to look for any short circuits or damages within the TV or the soundbar itself. Many times, devices are unable to function properly and connect because they do are broken. 

I am sure that you will find a solution to your connectivity problem in one of the above-mentioned possible issues. 


Now that you know what problems your device might be having, you will be able to tackle and solve them efficiently, saving yourself a lot of time and headache. Thank you for giving this article a read and Good luck in finding your solution.

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