How to Make a Soundbar turn on with the TV? 2 Magic Ways

A soundbar is an incredible piece of audio equipment that can enhance your home theater and entirely transform your media viewing experience. You can now transform your movie nights by connecting a soundbar to your TV.

Are you having trouble turning on your TV along with your soundbar? Do you have to reset the settings every time you turn it on? Go through this article and learn how to make your soundbar turn ON with your TV.

While it looks like a simple inconvenience, having to turn on your Soundbar and your TV separately is a problem that you will want to get rid of once and for all if possible. 

If you knew that the solution is so easy, you’d laugh at yourself for bearing such a minor problem for so long. After all, this is the type of ease and convenience that modern technology promised to bring into your life.


If you want to turn ON your soundbar with your TV, you need to know the type of connection you are having between them, whether it is via an optical cable or an HDMI ARC connection. The process for both slightly varies from each other.

Let’s see how you can configure both your devices to turn ON at the same time.

Optical cable:

If your soundbar is connected to your TV via an optical cable, you just need to alter a few default settings on your soundbar and TV. To make your soundbar turn on with your TV when using an optical cable connection, follow the below-mentioned no-brainer process.

1. Make sure the optical wire is plugged into both devices.

2. Ensure the auto-power link is turned on the soundbar. Once it is turned on, it activates the connection.

3. Turn on the digital input mode manually on the soundbar. You can use the remote. Press the source button on it and it will get to the D.IN mode on the soundbar.

4. Now change the TV’s speaker settings to receiver speakers instead of on internal speakers. After this, your soundbar will turn ON with your TV.


HDMI is the fastest means of transmitting audio and video signals. Follow these steps if you want your soundbar to turn on with your TV.

1. Make sure the HDMI cable is plugged incorrectly.

2. Auto power link and Anynet+ are the default settings of the soundbar. But ensure that they are turned on. Anynet+ setting only works with HDMI ARC ports. It activates the source audio to work.

3. Turn on the HDMI ARC mode on the soundbar.

4. Change the default setting of the TV’s speaker settings to receiver speakers instead of on internal speakers. Now your TV will work through the receiver speakers which is your soundbar.

5. Now when your TV will be turned on, your Soundbar will turn along with it automatically.

Connectivity issues:

If you are still facing the same problem, make sure all the connections are tight. Ensure that your plugged ports meet the setting of your soundbar and that both the devices are upgraded and compatible with each other. New optical cables have plastic protection on their tips, make sure that you remove it before you use it to connect the devices.

Your TV’s default setting could also be a problem. Ensure that you make them according to the connectivity type you are using. The HDMI ports should be plugged in well. If you review the connectivity process carefully, you can get aware of the problem.

The cables you are using should be new and of good quality. The power source should be capable enough to support the devices, otherwise, it can also cause a problem and might short circuit.


Now that you have gone through this article, you will not be needing two separate remotes for separate devices. You will be able to turn on your Soundbar and the TV at the same time.

Thank you for giving this article a read and Good Luck in solving your issue.

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