How to connect your Soundbar to Xbox one?

Gaming started in the late 20th century and spread throughout the world after the invention of the Internet. Today, gaming has become a major industry and earns billions from the customer all around the globe. 

The introduction of the Xbox changed the gaming platform forever and since then, gaming has not been the same. For gaming enthusiasts, being able to listen to the background sound is somewhat important while some need good sound quality to track the enemies near them. After reading this article, you will learn how to connect a soundbar with your Xbox one in different ways. 

How to Connect it with an XBOX One:

There are several ways to achieve this by either using an HDMI ARC cable or an optical cable but since these devices are the latest in their series, they are capable of getting hooked up with HDMI ARC support which is the best yet for sound transmission. 

By following these steps, you’ll be able to connect a soundbar with your Xbox one easily. 


You need a soundbar that has HDMI input and output ports. A TV supporting HDMI ARC. An Xbox one with HDMI ports, and HDMI cables for connection. If your TV does not support HDMI, you can buy other pieces of equipment like a converter or another type of receiver that will allow you to pair with your devices.

Make sure all your devices contain HDMI ports. Your TV should support HDMI ARC. If something is missing, you can buy a converter to achieve the same results.


1. If you look at the back of your Xbox, TV, and soundbar, you will find HDMI ports. The Xbox port is capable of supporting a 4k HDR picture, because of which you will have high speed rated HDMI cable.

2. Plug one end of the high-speed rated HDMI cable at the back of Xbox one port labeled output for TV and the other end of the same cable into input no.1 on the back of your soundbar.

3. Now take a second-high speed-rated HDMI cable, and connect either end onto the output on the back of the soundbar. Take the other end of the same HDMI cable, and plug it into an ARC 4k enabled port on the back of your TV.

4. Turn on your soundbar, Xbox, and TV after making the proper HDMI cable connections with them. Switch the input on your soundbar to the HDMI port you plugged your Xbox into. Also, change the input on your TV screen to the enabled HDMI port connected to your TV. After this, the display will appear on your screen.

5. You also need to change the audio output settings in your Xbox One. Go to the settings, click on sound, and display. Then change the audio settings to 5.1 uncompressed or 7.1 uncompressed. Since you are using a soundbar, switch the setting to 5.1 uncompressed.

After following these steps, your soundbar will be connected to your Xbox One. You can start gaming or listen to your favorite game soundtrack with the best possible audio experience.

Why TV connected with soundbar:

Since all the devices have HDMI ports, they are connected for the best sound transmission. You must be thinking what is the need to connect the Xbox with a TV and then with the soundbar instead of connecting them directly? The benefit of connecting everything to your soundbar gives you the best possible sound quality since the sound doesn’t have to travel through the TV first.

It allows the TV to send audio to your soundbar using the HDMI output on it, and the output provided from your soundbar to Xbox. This sounds confusing but it works best this way.

If you try to connect your Xbox directly to the soundbar to achieve a better sound output, you will not get the ideal audio output. You can test this for yourself. Moreover, doing this will also distort the display of the screen as the Xbox will have to work on two fronts.


Now you have gone through the article, you can easily connect your soundbar with your Xbox one. You will not have any troubleshooting problems with such a connection. This simple connection will provide you with the best gaming audio and video experience on your Xbox One.

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