How to Connect Wireless Soundbar with Your TV?

Everyone likes a good sound experience with TV. A good sound system enhances your viewing experience by leaps and bounds and allows you to notice even those aspects and effects of a movie or game which you didn’t even know were there while using a built-in speaker.

A good audio system, especially a good soundbar makes watching a movie, playing a game, or listening to music more ergonomic and more interactive. Especially when you are watching a movie or a game with your friends or family, good quality sounds make the experience a whole lot memorable. You also enjoy listening to music and gaming on full bass and a deep surround system.

You maybe think that connecting the soundbar to your TV is a technical thing and you might need an expert to do this work for you, but let me assure you that it is not complicated at all. After you go through this article, you will be able to set up a wireless sound system, especially a soundbar with your TV without any difficulty.

Let’s get started;

How to Connect Soundbar with your TV?

The simplest way to connect your soundbar wirelessly with TV is via Wi-Fi and/ or Bluetooth connections. Wireless sound systems are some of the best in the market, because of both sound quality and portability. With wired systems, you are limited in the placement of your sound system; you will have to place it somewhere near your TV and near a power source.

Many soundbars offer an option of using an AUX cable and an HDMI in case your soundbar runs out of charging or for any other reason that might come up. 

Through Wi-Fi:

Wireless option via Wi-Fi is the best option to connect your soundbar with your TV. You don’t have to depend on any cables and just need to take care of the charging.

1. Make sure your soundbar is in Wi-Fi mode.

2. Connect both the TV and the soundbar to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. In your TV audio settings, select audio over Wi-Fi.

Now, your soundbar is connected to your TV.

Through Bluetooth:

Bluetooth technology is another reliable option for wireless connection of soundbar with your TV.

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your soundbar by pressing the Bluetooth button manually or with a remote.

2. On the soundbar, click on the “PAIR” or “SCAN “option to enable Bluetooth partner search on your soundbar.

3. Turn on your TV and go to its settings. Choose “BLUETOOTH” and start scanning for nearby available devices. Once it’s done scanning, choose the name of the soundbar from the list.

4. Select the name of your soundbar device on the TV.

5. Click okay on the name of the network and devices will be paired.

6. Your TV device name will appear on the display of the soundbar. It means both devices are connected successfully. 

Pros of connection via Wi-Fi:

1. Wi-Fi is faster. Depending on your connection, it can handle between 54 to 1300 Mbps.

2. You can have a wireless connection over a greater distance.

3. Multiple soundbars can be connected to the same audio setup.

Pros of Bluetooth connection.

1. Your devices will automatically connect when you turn them on.

2. Many soundbars and TVs have a Bluetooth built-in option.

3. You can keep connected with the TV as long as both are within each other’s range. On the other hand, both devices need to be close to the Wi-Fi and will get disconnected even if one of them gets away.


Remember, for a good sound experience, you need to have a good quality TV as well as a good quality soundbar. All of these devices connect the same way but their output quality and experience depend on their quality production.

Now that you know how to connect your soundbar with your TV via a wireless connection, you will be able to enjoy your movies, games, and music with a better experience than ever before. Even if you watch movies that you have already seen before, you will a significant difference because of the soundbar.

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