How to Connect Soundbar to TV and DVD player? 4 Magic Ways

The soundbar is an incredible piece of audio equipment that can enhance your home theater and entirely transform your media viewing experience. You can now transform your home movie night by connecting a soundbar to your TV and DVD player.

Upgrading your TV set into a home theater is not a difficult task. After reading this article you can easily connect your soundbar with your TV and DVD player. 

Ways to connect soundbar to tv and dvd player

For connecting a soundbar with a TV and DVD player you need an HDMI cable, HDMI ARC, and an optical cable. On the back of the TV, there are usually three outputs. HDMI, AUX, and others for the optical fiber which will connect your soundbar directly to a TV. This is the easiest way to bypass your connection There are several ways to connect a soundbar to a TV.

  • Digital Optical.
  • Using an AUX (3.55mm)
  • Bluetooth.

1. Connection via Optical fiber:

  • Connect the TV with your soundbar directly using digital output fiber optical. 
  • Then Connect the DVD with the TV via optical cable. 
  • After that Connect an optical fiber from the DVD player to the soundbar. 
  • On the soundbar, change the connectivity setting to Digital in from the remote.
  • Turn on the devices and you’ll see that the connection has been established.

2. Connection via AUX (3.55mm):

  • Connect one end of the AUX-in audio out port of your TV.
  • Connect the other end of the AUX-in your soundbar port audio in.
  • The soundbar is now connected to your TV.
  • Change the connectivity setting of the soundbar to AUX through remote.
  • Connect the DVD players with the TV using an optical fiber of HDMI ARC.
  • Turn on the devices to see your connection.

3. Connection Via HDMI ARC:

  • Make sure your device has recommended ports available.
  • Connect the soundbar with the TV with HDMI cables.
  • Change the connectivity settings to HDMI on the soundbar.
  • If your TV has two HDMI ports, connect it with the DVD player using an HDMI cable.
  • Otherwise, you can use an optical fiber cable to connect your DVD with your TV.
  • Turn on the device to see the connection.

4. Connection via Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is the simplest and easiest way to connect. Your smart TV is updated and all your devices should be Bluetooth supported. So you can easily connect your soundbar with your TV and DVD player.

If your DVD player is not Bluetooth supported, you can connect it using an HDMI cable or optical fiber cable.

Necessary equipment:

You need some equipments in case your device does not have them. You need optical cables and HDMI ARC cables if you are connecting via digital or HDMI port. External ports are available. You need high-quality AUX cables for making a connection through them.

Best connection options:

If you have to choose the connection type you make with your TV and DVD player with a soundbar, you should select the HDMI type. This connection provides the best transmission for digital video and digital audio signals between devices.

If you think that an HDMI-type connection is not suitable, the second-best option is a digital optical fiber cable. They are much more effective at transmitting audio and video signals than other cables like coaxial or composite. These are cheap cables but very effective in their performance.

On the other hand, if you want a Bluetooth connection for your devices, they need to be updated. Bluetooth is an easy way to set up a connection but Bluetooth codec has problems with the quality of audio streaming. A wired connection is more stable and better than any other type.

Keep in mind that your connection type will reflect the quality of audio-video transmission. Make sure to get the best and affordable type of connection to ensure a mesmerizing experience with your home theater.


Now you have got to read the article so you can easily establish a connection of your TV and DVD player with your soundbar and enjoy. Your home theater is ready. Just make the connection and you can have a brand new experience of watching movies at your home with your friends and family.

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