How to Connect a Soundbar to a Projector? 2 Detailed Ways

Some projectors have speakers built in them that can be used to give out audio between presentations. But, since there is very little space in a projector and it needs to be kept as small as possible to be portable or be able to be hooked up to the ceiling, many companies don’t bother adding a speaker. Even if they do, they install it next to the exhaust fan, which makes the audio unclear and not very loud.

To get rid of this problem, to get clean and clear audio from the projector and make your presentations more appealing, you can try using a soundbar. A soundbar combines speakers and amplifiers in a single self-contained unit which is lightweight as well as easy to set up at the same time.

How to set up a soundbar and a projector connection?

A projector and a soundbar can be connected with a wired as well as a wireless connection. You can use HDMI cables, RCA cables, 3.5mm AUX, and an optical cable for a wired connection or use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for a wireless connection.

Both of these types of connections depend upon the setup of your projector. If your projector is attached to the ceiling, you will to either get longer cables or attach an additional stand for the soundbar up these, and in the case of wireless connections, you need to keep the devices well within the range of each other if you don’t want any disruption in audio.

Wired Connectivity:

The best option that you have when using wired connections is to use HDMI cables. These cables are capable of supporting multiple channels and get you to surround sound features. Moreover, HDMI cables are capable of transmitting Dolby Atmos and DTS: X if the right configuration is used. 

To hook them up, put both the devices, the projector, and the soundbar on HDMI mode and connect them using an HDMI cable. That is it and now you can use your soundbar with your projector.

On the other hand, other cable connections such as RCA, 3.5mm AUX, and optical cables are pretty much similar to set up. However, the difference between them and the HDMI cable is that they cannot provide you with surround sound capability. You can only use two-channel speakers on these wires.

But, even on the two speakers, they provide excellent audio quality in addition to a drop-less connection. 

They are similar to set up, provided that both the devices support a connection. Even if one doesn’t, you can always use an adopter to connect with them.

Wireless Connectivity:

Connecting via wireless mode is very easy and in my opinion, if your device offers wireless connections, then do not go for the wired ones. Unlike cable or wired connection, wireless connection does not limit you to adjust your speaker near the projector. You can put it anywhere in the room, especially if the projector is attached to a stand on the ceiling.

There are mainly two ways that you can connect your soundbar and your projector wirelessly; by using a Bluetooth connection or a Wi-Fi one. If your soundbar and your projector support a wireless connection, it is most probable that they will have both of these types.

These connections are very easy to set up. For Wi-Fi, all you have to do is turn ON Wi-Fi connectivity from your soundbar, and after scanning from your projector, connect both of them. Voila! That’s it, you are good to go.

Bluetooth connectivity is pretty much the same. Turn ON Bluetooth and allow Bluetooth detection from your soundbar and search it from that of your projector. Find it and connect both the devices. This is it and now you can use the soundbar with the projector for your presentations via Bluetooth.


Now you know how you can connect your projector and your soundbar, with both, cable as well as wired connections. You can set up your projector anywhere and make your presentations more appealing and more expressive through audio. Good Luck!

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