How to hook up Soundbar to multiple devices?

Hook up soundbar

When it comes to audio equipment, not everyone is well-experienced. And that’s okay; you don’t need to overwhelm yourself! The process of connecting a Soundbar to multiple devices is easier than you think. The below-given steps will pave your way to an operational Soundbar setup, and you will find yourself surrounded by the flawless sound quality. Let’s begin!

TV as a Channel Intermediary

TV is best for bridging the gap between the Soundbar and other devices available in the house. You can use your TV as a channel intermediary to hook up a Soundbar to multiple devices. This setup will give you various options to extend the benefits of the Soundbar within your house. 

Three Connectivity Options Offered by TVs

Connectivity options vary with TV models. Depending upon the TV model, there are three connectivity options:

  1. Connectivity via Wi-Fi (offered by latest Smart TVs)
  2. Connectivity via Bluetooth receiver (offered by both older and latest TV models)
  3. Connectivity via cables (for older TV models)

We suggest you review your TV model, considering the above-given three different connectivity options offered by various TV models. 

Fulfill Your Connection Requirements to make the Devices Compatible

Now, when you are sure about your TV model, you are advised to see the connection requirements and fulfill them to make your devices compatible with Soundbar.  

Connection Requirements for a Smart TV User

For Smart TV users, Wi-Fi is a basic connection requirement to connect other devices with their TV. So being a Smart TV user, make sure to have a stable internet connection and your smart TV connected to it. 

Connection Requirements If You are NOT a Smart TV User

On the other hand, non-smart TV users have different connection requirements. If you are a non-smart TV user, you have two options:

If you have an old TV model that offers Bluetooth connectivity, you have to get a Bluetooth receiver to connect devices with the TV. 

Some TV models don’t offer Bluetooth connectivity. If you have any such model, then get cables to connect your devices with your TV. (You can look for ways to use cable in an aesthetically pleasing way)

Use HDMI ARC Cable to Connect your Soundbar to the TV 

Once you fulfilled all the connection requirements, your devices will be paired with your TV. Now in the next step, you will learn how to connect your Soundbar with your TV and other devices. It is a simple yet important step. Use HDMI ARC Cable to complete the physical connection process between your TV and Soundbar. 

Follow the below-given instructions to do that:

  • Check the back of your Soundbar to locate the HDMI (ARC) input/output slot. 
  • Similarly, inspect your TV to locate its HDMI (ARC) input/output slot. 
  • Put HDMI ARC cable in these slots and connect the TV and Soundbar. 

Please note that some TV models don’t allow HDMI (ARC) cables. If your TV is one of them, don’t worry! Just get an HDMI cable converter and follow the above steps. 

Make sure the Soundbar is Your TV’s preferred speaker Option

Well, this is important! All the above-mentioned steps and practices will go in vain if you don’t select the Soundbar as your preferred speaker option. For that, you need to check your TV’s settings and select Soundbar as your preference. 


We have covered everything for our valuable readers. We are confident to say that our navigated plan will lead our readers to a flawless sound setup where everything will turn out just like they are expecting it to be!

In case your setup doesn’t work, please check your Wi-Fi connection and make sure you have a stable internet connection. Similarly, if you are using Bluetooth or cable, plug the wires again and make sure all connections have a power supply. 

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