Can You Use a Soundbar as a Center Speaker? Yes…

You don’t need to buy expensive sound systems to turn your room or TV lounge into a home theater. All you need is a TV and a decent soundbar which can be turned into a central speaker. Now you won’t need to buy expensive movie tickets.

You can now enjoy all the theater experiences at your own home. You don’t need a central speaker for your home theater. All you need is to sit back and read this article after which it will tell you about how you can turn your regular soundbar into a central speaker. 

Soundbar as a Central speaker:

The main purpose of a central channel speaker is to deliver sound directly to viewers. During a movie, the dialogues are produced through the central channel which helps you listen to them more clearly. It means the central channel processes the dialogues.

The services of a central speaker can also be served by a soundbar. A decent soundbar can also act as a central speaker and this will enhance your TV’s sound quality as well as clarity.

Soundbars usually are only used to enhance the sound of the TV. But if used in the right way, you can turn it into a central channel speaker. Your connection with the receiver should be aligned perfectly or the sound will buffer. The wires should be plugged incorrectly.

You need the following things for this purpose;

What do you need?

1. A smart TV that can be easily connected with a soundbar.

2. A 5.1 soundbar

How to connect:

A 5.1 soundbar comes with five speakers, usually, front left, front right, front center, surround left, surround right, and a subwoofer. The front channels are usually all built-in to the soundbar, while the surround speakers are usually separate.

If the soundbar is placed horizontally, and the sub speakers are placed on each side it can be turned into a central channel speaker. The subwoofer can be placed right below the soundbar. The sound will not get shattered. 

If the surround speakers are separate, place them each on one side. If they are built-in in the soundbar, they can work fine there. The sound produced now will directly process through your soundbar which acts as a central channel speaker now.

3. You can also use a 3.1 soundbar.

 A 3.1 soundbar comes with a central channel speaker which will produce a more dynamic sound. It will perform better in dialogue clearance because the primary focus of the central channel speaker is on the dialogue audio.

It does not have external speakers for real-time surround sound effects. A dynamic sound is produced so you won’t need any external speakers. A separate subwoofer is also provided with the 3.1 soundbar system.


Q: Can a soundbar be used with other speakers?

Yes, a soundbar can be used in connection with other speakers depending on a number of factors such as the model of the soundbar, the connector types, the model of the external speakers, etc.

Q: Can a receiver be used with a soundbar?

Yes, you can use a receiver with a soundbar by connecting it with an optical cable. Just connect one port with the digital optical output port of the receiver and the other end with the input port of the soundbar.

Where to buy:

A soundbar is a decent update to your TV speakers. This is a budget-friendly product that makes your lounge look even more elegant. If you are going to buy a 3.1 soundbar with a central speaker, then the LG SL6Y 3.1 can be one of the best choices for you.

Samsung MM55 and JBL bar 3.1 are also some of the higher-end options. A wide variety of 5.1 soundbars are available out of which the Sonos Arc with Sub + One SL Speakers is the best soundbar in the market. The Vizio M Series can also be a great option. 

These products can be bought from your local electronic stores as well as can be searched online on Amazon and Bestbuy. They can also provide original high-quality products as well as satisfactory customer support.


Now that you have gone through the article, you can easily turn your soundbar into a central channel speaker. You won’t have to spend extra money on buying a separate center channel speaker. This simple connection will provide you with the best home theater experience with your soundbar.

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