Soundbars fill the room with breathtaking sounds that allow you to enjoy a more immersive experience of the entertainment, especially games. The surround sound brings the battlefield to your room, making the game much more real.

This list provides you with a list of the 10 best soundbars in 2021 that you can use to enjoy the explosive gaming experience in your home. Soundbars are multi-purposed and can be used for other forms of entertainment as well like watching movies, listening to music, etc. 

Comparison List of 10 Best Soundbar for Gaming 2022

NameConnectivitySize (In Inches)
Panasonic Sound SlayerHDMI, Bluetooth18.5
Sound Blazer X KatanaHDMI, Bluetooth, Optical In19.7
NJSJ Gaming PC SoundbarAUX, USB16.5
Audible Fidelity SoundbarBluetooth, USB, Auxiliary27.6 Inches
Generi TV SoundbarBluetooth, USB47.4 Inches
Enhance Attack Gaming SoundbarWired20 Inches
VMAI Mini SoundbarOptical, AUX, Bluetooth 5.020 Inches
Razer LeviathanBluetooth20 Inches
Creative Stage 2.1Optical, AUX, Bluetooth23.7 Inches
Redragon G5560USB, 3.5mm16 inches

1. Panasonic Sound Slayer — Best Gaming Soundbar with Bass

If you have been looking for a soundbar that is customized to provide the best experience with gaming and does justice to game sounds and effects, this soundbar is the best choice for you.

Panasonic is a renowned brand in the multimedia industry. This soundbar is the perfect addition to your gaming gear. It will fill the room with sounds that will bring the game to the real world.

Important Features You Need to Know

This soundbar provides you with a 3D immersive sound experience featuring revolutionary Dolby Atmos tech that brings the gaming environment to reality as the sound moves around you in your room.

This soundbar is designed specifically for gamers that comes with an astonishing immersive audio experience. The soundbar comes with dedicated modes that allow you to optimize audio according to the gaming genre.

The soundbar is multi-purpose that you can use for movie nights and a bewitching music experience that fills your whole body and makes you dance. The stunning features of the soundbar bring reality to your home.

The device allows extended connectivity that adds to your ease of use. You can connect it with your PC or HDTV using an HDMI cable, pair it with your smart device through Bluetooth, and also comes with an effective and easy-to-use remote.


  • Dedicated Gaming Modes
  • Extended Connectivity
  • Multi-Purpose Design
  • Bluetooth
  • Powerful Immersive Sound
  • Designed for Gaming


  • Only Comes in Black Color
  • No Wi-Fi

Final View

This soundbar is specifically designed for gaming and is a recommended choice for professional gamers. The soundbar provides an immersive experience with its special effects.

2. Sound Blaster X Katana — Best Gaming Soundbar for PS4

This soundbar comes in a sleek design but packs an explosive power that is boosted by the external subwoofer that provides you with a stunning sound experience in your room. Just like its name, this best gaming soundbar is a deadly weapon.

The slim sleek design allows this soundbar to fit under your desktop perfectly. The amazing sound surprises the users because it coming from such a slim device. It is considered one of the most versatile and powerful speakers in the market.

Important Features You Need to Know

This soundbar is powered by the award-winning multi-core audio DSP making it the world’s first true UMAS. Hence, it is considered best of the best in the market especially because of its affordable price.

The soundbar manages a slim profile that is approximately 60mm, and yet packs a powerful punch in the audio that is boosted to the extremes by the supporting external subwoofer.

The design is made more mesmerizing by the edge-to-edge 49 LED lights. You can choose to fully customize and control the ambiance lighting effects to make it suitable for your personal desires.


  • Slim Design
  • Powerful Immersive Audio
  • External Subwoofer
  • Perfectly Fits under the Desktop
  • Enhanced by Multi-core DSP
  • Extensive Connectivity Options


  • A bit heavy
  • Not Suggested for Home Theater or Movies

Final View

This soundbar is specially designed for gaming and gives you an amazing sound experience. This soundbar gives you the perfect combination of slim design and powerful sound.

3. NJSJ Gaming PC Sound Bar — Best Budget Soundbar for Gaming

If you are running a bit low on budget, and still want to buy a soundbar that comes with advanced features under a low price tag, this is the best one to consider. NJSJ soundbar is a wired soundbar that is best suited for gaming on desktops and laptops.

The soundbar is easy to use and carry around with you and gives you an impressive audio experience considering the price. The soundbar delivers powerful stereo and outstanding bass quality.

Important Features You Need to Know

The soundbar is packed with built-in dual 5W drivers that deliver powerful audio and excellent sound performance that allows you to enjoy playing games, watching movies, and listening to music.

RGB LED lights on the edge provide you with an impressive environment while playing games in dark or listening to music. The soundbar is very easy to set up and is widely connectable to a range of devices.

The soundbar also comes with effective ease of use. One button to turn it on or off and one knob on top to control the sound. The soundbar comes with a 2-year after-sales support warranty too.


  • Impressive Audio Experience
  • Powerful Bass
  • One Button Control
  • Easy to Setup
  • LED Light Effects
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Cheap Price


  • LED lights can’t be turned off when in use
  • Lights aren’t customizable

Final View

Considering the price, this soundbar is the best choice when it comes to features and sound quality. Certainly exceeds your expectations.

4. Audible Fidelity Sound Bar — Best Gaming Soundbar for the Money

This soundbar comes with a stunning design, powerful sound, and amazing features at a low and affordable price. It is considered one of the best soundbar under 100 dollars.

This soundbar is suggested for multi-purpose use. That means you can use it for gaming, as well as for other purposes at home like movie watching, listening to music, etc. It will provide you much better than expected experience under such a price.

Important Features You Need to Know

The soundbar provides you with a room-filling sound experience with deep bass and crisp treble. It is packed with two capable sound drives and a dedicated air tube. The sound from this bar has excellent quality and clarity.

This Bluetooth soundbar has 3 dedicated sound modes that you can use to customize your experience and optimize sound for different situations. You can choose between music mode, gaming mode, and movie mode.

The soundbar comes with enhanced connectivity that allows it to be connected to a wide range of device types. Moreover, it also has LED lighting that adds to its stunning look and breathtaking design.


  • Immersive Sound Experience
  • 3 Sound Modes
  • Improved Connectivity
  • LED Lighting
  • 2 30W Speaker Drivers
  • Affordable Price


  • No Wi-Fi
  • Doesn’t Work With Alexa

Final View

This is one of the best soundbars when it comes to quality at a low price. It comes under an affordable range and has impressive specs.

5. Generi TV Soundbar — Best Dividable Gaming Soundbar 

This soundbar comes in a unique and innovative design that lets you use it both combined and separately in horizontal and vertical positions. This makes it a versatile soundbar in the industry.

This is a 40W split soundbar that can be divided into two and used in a vertical position. When combined, the soundbar gives you a length of approximately 1 meter. An amazing addition to your home’s multimedia.

Important Features You Need to Know

The soundbar uses advanced technology and contains speakers up to 40W that can turn your room into a theatre and provide you with deep bass and a breathtaking experience. The soundbar has enhanced and realistic sound quality.

The soundbar is divisible into two to be used in different scenarios and gives you 3D stereo sound to fill your room. The extensive connectivity allows it to be used both with wired and wireless modes.

The soundbar is very easy to use and comes with a complete set of accessories that are required with it including mounting brackets, connecting cables, charger, adapter, remote control, and User Manual. This soundbar is also Alexa-enabled and works with the latest features.


  • Split-able
  • Realistic Sound Quality
  • Extensive Connectivity
  • 3-Way Placement
  • Complete Set
  • 3D Stereo
  • Alexa Enabled


  • HDMI Port not available
  • No Smart App

Final View

The unique innovative design of this soundbar makes gives it an appealing functionality and allows you to use it in three different ways.

6. ENHANCE Attack Gaming Soundbar — Best Gaming Soundbar Under 50 Dollars

If you are looking for a budget-friendly laptop that comes just under 50 dollars, yet still packs power, quality, and design, then this attack gaming soundbar is the best choice for you.

This soundbar comes in a classic design and has dynamic light effects that make it look stunning and admirable. You can customize the look by controlling the light effects with different modes.

Important Features You Need to Know

This soundbar provides you with room-filling audio that provides the best gaming experience. The soundbar enhances dialogue quality and provides impressive clarity audio quality.

The soundbar comes in a low sleek design that allows it to be fit under your desktop to give you the best attack gaming experience. The soundbar will bring your games to reality in your room. The soundbar is also very easy to use.

Dual audio connectivity options allow you to connect two devices at once. You can connect your soundbar with the desktop on one side and you can play music from mobile or laptop in the other connectivity port.


  • Room Filling Audio
  • Low Profile Design
  • LED Color Modes
  • Dual Input Connectivity
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable Price


  • No Wireless Connectivity
  • Wires make a mess

Final View

This good-for-money soundbar gives you an impressive power of 40W and fills your room with sound. The dual connectivity option along with other features makes it worth the price.

7. VMAI Mini Soundbar — Best Soundbar for Gaming

This is one of the best quality soundbars that gives you impressive sound performance and an immersive audio experience. The soundbar is designed with quality and retains some of the most advanced and best features in the market.

The soundbar is equipped with two speakers and a built-in subwoofer that provides you with smooth and clear audio, which makes it an all-purpose home soundbar. This soundbar also gives you an immersive gaming experience.

Important Features You Need to Know

The soundbar gives you 2.0 surround sound for accuracy that lets you enjoy gaming on a wholly different level. The sound fills the room and brings the battlefield and horror to reality.

The soundbar has enhanced EQ modes that you can use to optimize your hearing experience. You can choose between Music, movies, News, and 3D modes to customize your experience. Gaming modes give you a stunning drive.

The latest Bluetooth allows it to connect with devices more effectively. The range has also been increased to 50 feet. That means you can connect your smart device with the soundbar from anywhere at home.


  • Superior Speakers
  • Enhanced EQ Modes
  • Clarity Audio
  • 5.0 Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Surround Sound
  • Connect Anywhere from Home


  • No External Subwoofer
  • No Wi-Fi

Final View

Considering the given price, this is the best soundbar when it comes to both sound quality and advanced features. The low price tag makes it a good choice.

8. Razer Leviathan — Best Gaming Soundbar in 2021

Razer has a prominent name in the gaming world for creating the most innovative and quality products for passionate gamers. The soundbar gives you an immersive experience with a kick from the separate subwoofer that brings the entertainment to reality.

The soundbar features cutting-edge Dolby technology that gives it superiority over others, as this soundbar raises the bar of quality. The stunning look makes it a majestic addition to your gaming gear.

Important Features You Need to Know

The soundbar contains superior sound drivers and a dedicated sub-woofer that brings out the gaming experience and turns your room into the entertainment world. You will have the best gaming experience with this soundbar.

The soundbar connects via both Bluetooth and wires, giving the best dynamic range. The device requires your system to have 3mm jacks for connectivity, in case Bluetooth is not available on the desktop.

The soundbar gives you ultra-fast pairing with the newest addition of NFC. This feature not only pairs very fast but also remembers the paired devices so that they can connect again with only one tap.

The external subwoofer packs an explosive downward punch with 2 full-range drivers and tweeters allowing the device to deliver distortion-free lower frequencies and impressive higher ones.


  • 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Dedicated Powerful Subwoofer
  • Preset EQ for Optimization
  • Space-Saving Design


  • No Smart App control
  • No Other Design or Color Available

Final View

Considering the name Razor and the promise of quality associated with it, this soundbar is bound to exceed expectations and comes with advanced and upgraded features.

9. Creative Stage 2.1 — Best Gaming Soundbar with Subwoofer

This is one of the best monitor soundbars that is compatible with all the devices at your home. The stunning look of the soundbar makes it the grace of your living room or the devil detail under your gaming desktop.

Creative Stage has created this super slim version of their soundbar that fits almost anywhere at your home. The device has enhanced connectivity and is a good choice for gaming use.

Important Features You Need to Know

The soundbar comes with a wall mounting kit that allows it to be mounted on the wall with ease and without the need for other accessories. So, it comes to install ready and is easy to set up in your room.

The soundbar is packed with dual drivers and an external subwoofer that provides a room-filling audio experience. The speaker produces an impressive 160 W peak power and provides enhanced clarity audio to you.

The soundbar is equipped with enhanced EQ modes that can be changed through the remote. The bar also has controls for hassle-free use. You can also control bass and treble from the remote.

The enhanced EQ modes allow you to choose between different preset audio-optimized modes for different situations to provide you with the best possible experience. You can choose different modes for movies, music, and games.


  • Clutter-Free Slim Design
  • Dual Drivers with Subwoofer
  • Convenient Remote
  • Enhanced EQ Modes
  • Various Connectivity Options
  • Comes with Mounting Kit


  • No Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • No HDMI

Final View

This is a high-performance under-monitor soundbar that has an impressive design and quality. The subwoofer gives you an immersive and deep bass experience.

10. Redragon GS560 — Best Cheap Soundbar for Gaming 

If you want to buy a cheap soundbar that has still impressive quality as compared to the price, this is the best choice for you. The soundbar comes in an impressive design and delivers quality audio.

The soundbar is a 2.0 Channel computer speaker with a dynamic lighting edge that gives the soundbar an impressive look. The soundbar has a functional design that assists ease of use.

Important Features You Need to Know

This soundbar comes with upgraded drivers that give you crystal clear audio and an impressive sound experience that is filled with deep bass. The LED lamination is also customizable to some extent, as it allows you to choose between different modes.

Compatible to be placed under the monitor or any other device that you have. The device contains a delicate yet compact volume knob with a combined on-off switch that offers you convenience and also precise volume adjustment.

This soundbar is USB powered and has a 3mm audio jack that makes it ready to use and adventure. Besides games, you can also use them for outdoor music programs and other adventures.

The soundbar provides you with a rich sound and is plug-and-play. That means you can plug it into a laptop or desktop and it will power the device too. The soundbar has a stunningly unique design with a breathtaking look.


  • Crystal Clear Audio
  • Rich Sound and Bass
  • Easy Controls
  • Stunning Design
  • Backlit Modes
  • USB Powered


  • No Wireless Connectivity
  • No Remote Control

Final View

Considering the stunning design, low price, and rich sound, this soundbar is certainly one of the best choices for gaming. You will love it under your desktop providing you with an immersive experience.

Top 3 Picks

We have provided you with a list of the 10 best gaming soundbars that offer you unique, creative, immersive, and quality experiences while playing games. However, if you still can’t choose which one to buy, we can further narrow the choice for you.

We will pick the best of the best from our above list and provide you with a list of the best 3 soundbars for gaming. The choice will be easier for you considering the best features mentioned in the top 3.

Here are our Top 3 picks:

  1. Razer Leviathan: The soundbar has impressive audio quality with a stunning design.
  2. NJSJ Gaming PC Sound Bar: Because it is best in terms of budget and comes at a low price.
  3. Panasonic Sound Slayer: Because it is the best choice for gaming and also is multi-purpose.

Some Last Words

We have provided you with the list of the best soundbars that we are available in the market for gaming. We hope it helps you in selecting your best soundbar for gaming.