Top 10 Best Projector Under 400 [2022] – Buyer’s Guide

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The current pandemic has made it impossible for us to go to the theatres and enjoy movies on large-scale screens. Now we have to stay at home and make the maximum out of tiny resources. A projector is an electronic device that can multiply your entertainment adventure by ten folds. Not just for movie lovers; projectors help to present your business presentations effectively, too. Plus, any gamer would love the display technology of these projectors!

Buying a projector depends on many aspects. Contrast ratio, lamp life, brightness, screen size, and throw distance are among the many vital factors you must consider before buying your ideal projector.

While all that may sound confusing, our guide of ten Best Projector Under 400 combined with their buying guide will solve all your inquiries. Without further ado, let’s hop into it!

 Comparison List of 10 Best Projector Under 400 in 2022

ProductWattageItem WeightWhat’s Special in it
FANGOR 701 Video Projector 150 watts8.98 poundsBluetooth 5.0 function
Anker Nebula Apollo Mini Projector45 watts1.65 poundsBuilt-in Android 7.1 TV
ViewSonic WXGA Projector260 watts4.89 pounds3800 lumens brightness
Epson EX3260 Projector100 watts5.5 poundsVivid cinematic colors
Anker Nebula Capsule Projector60 watts‎1.04 poundsOmni-directional Speaker
Optoma X400LVe XGA Projector50 watts6.7 pounds +/- 40 degrees vertical keystone correction
Anker Nebula Capsule Projector5 watts1.04 pounds360-degree omnidirectional Bluetooth speaker
YABER Pro V7 9500L Projector50 watts4.9 poundsAuto 6D keystone correction
BenQ MS536 Projector200 watts5.25 poundsExclusive Picture Mode and SmartEco mode
Epson VS260 Projector12 watts7.21 poundsBuilt-in picture skew sensor

1. FANGOR 701 Video Projector

Key Specifications

Image Brightness8500 Lumens
Display TechnologyLCD
Connectivity OptionsUSB
Image Contrast Ratio10000: 1

Key Features

  • It supports a 4K video quality that is 80% sharper than other 1080p projectors.
  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and a USB connectivity option to synchronize the screen with the projector.
  • A digital zooming mode is there to allow the zooming of the screen up to 50%.
  • It has a ±45 degree keystone to adjust the position of the screen remotely.

If you want to watch a movie at the cinema, there’s no need to go to the cinema. You can buy this FANGOR Video Projector to get a theatrical experience while sitting at home. It has a sizeable 300-inch screen for display and a Full HD view of 1080p video resolution.

It supports 4K video quality that is 80% sharper and smoother than the competitors. It has a built-in 2.5W stereo audio speaker to let you enjoy the sounds in intense scenes. However, you can also connect your speakers at any time with the help of ideal Bluetooth connectivity.

It features two options, i.e., Bluetooth 5.0 and USB connectivity, to synchronize the screen to the projector. It comes with a 45 degrees keystone to adjust the position of the screen according to your requirements. So, you can easily select the proper screen ratio with the help of the keystone.

It has a digital zooming mode that allows the zooming of the screen up to 50%. So, it is easy to zoom in and out of the screen to view the complete details. Moreover, FAGNOR provides three years of professional technical support on this video projector.


  • Three years of technical support
  • 300″ large screen
  • HDMI and SD card support
  • Reduce the image distortion


  • Noisy fan

2. Anker Nebula Apollo Mini Projector

Key Specifications

Image Brightness200 Lumens
Display TechnologyLCD
Connectivity OptionsHDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Screen Mirroring
Image Contrast Ratio12000: 1

Key Features

  • It has an intelligent touch panel that allows you to navigate the projector with ease.
  • It comes with a built-in Android TV 7.1 to help you download the apps and stream directly.
  • It has a lamp life of 30000 hours that means you can stream 6 hours daily for 10+ years.
  • A compact design and extremely lightweight make the projectable portable.

If you are looking for the best projectors under $400, then you’ve come to the right place. Anker Nebula Apollo Mini Projector has multiple valuable features that make it one of the best projectors for under 400 dollars. It has a 200 ANSI lumens brightness that helps the lamp shine efficiently in a bright and dark environment.

This projector has an intelligent touch panel that makes it more user-friendly than other projectors. So, you can navigate the menus and modes directly from the projector. It comes with a built-in Android 7.1 TV that has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. The Android makes it easier for you to stream videos, movies, and music by just downloading the apps or streaming the film online.

Anker Nebula Apollo has a compact design and is extremely lightweight; these two qualities make this projector easily portable. So, you can enjoy its sizeable 100-inch screen anywhere you want. Moreover, it features a DLP lamp with 30000 hours of life for streaming day and night. It has a rechargeable battery with 4 hours of movie streaming life and 20 hours of audio streaming with Bluetooth.



  • It does not support Chromecast

3. ViewSonic WXGA Projector

Key Specifications

Image Brightness3800 Lumens
Display TechnologyLCD
Connectivity OptionsHDMI
Image Contrast Ratio22000: 1

Key Features

  • It comes with a Super Eco mode that allows the lamp to shine brightly for 15000 hours.
  • It has an advanced visual feature that helps to show each digit and letter clearly without distortion.
  • It has a 120″ large screen and 3800 lumens brightness to provide a theatrical experience.
  • A Smart Eco mode is there to save the lamp life by up to 70%.

If you want to watch a movie and are too lazy to go to the cinema, you need a ViewSonic WXGA projector in your home. This ViewSonic projector does not cost much. It has a low-budget projector that comes with a 120-inch big screen. A DLP lamp is in this projector has a 3800 lumens brightness that allows the lamp to shine brightly in day and light.

This projector is also used for business and educational purposes because it has an advanced visual feature. This feature helps the projector to show each digit and letter clearly without distortion. You can view the reports and lectures using this projector. It supports multiple devices such as PCs, Laptops, Macs, Smartphones, various media players, and many more due to many connectivity options. 

This projector comes with a Super Eco mode that lets the lamp shine up to 15000 hours brightly. It means it can shine for ten years at an average of 4 hours daily. Moreover, it comes with a Smart Eco mode that saves the life of the lamp up to 70%. ViewSonic provides 3-year labor coverage and access to their customer service team.


  • Supports multiple devices
  • 120″ big screen
  • High-quality video
  • Ideal for business and education


  • The speaker of the projector is not good

4. Epson EX3260 Projector

Key Specifications

Image Brightness3300 Lumens
Resolution800 x 600
Display TechnologyLCD
Connectivity OptionsHDMI
Image Contrast Ratio16000: 1

Key Features

  • It supports cinematic colors and 1080p resolution to provide a theatrical experience at home.
  • It comes with high color brightness and white light brightness to use the projector accordingly.
  • It has a DLP lamp with a lamp life of up to 10000 hours for long-lasting support.
  • It has an HDMI port that makes the projector compatible with last laptops and media players.

If you wonder which is the best projector for under 400 dollars, you may go with Epson EX3260 Projector. This projector supports SVGA resolution, making it perfect for everyday business and educational presentations because it clearly shows each digit and letter.

It features cinematic colors and supports 1080p video quality to make your home a theatre. It comes with the standard HDMI port, due to which it is compatible with multiple up-to-date laptops and media players. So, connect the projector with your device and enjoy a home cinema.

Epson EX3260 Projector comes with two types of brightness options. One is high color brightness to stream the video at night with true cinematic colors, and the other is white level brightness. White level Brightness allows you to stream movies and videos in extreme daylight.

This projector has a DLP lamp with a life of 10000 hours. The lamp of the projector has 3300 lumens brightness to shine bright in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the Epson EX3260 projector is pretty fast and easy to set up. It also supports USB connectivity.


  • USB connectivity
  • 3300 lumens brightness
  • Vivid cinematic colors
  • SVGA resolution


  • The picture gets distorted from a distance

5. Anker Nebula Capsule Projector

Key Specifications

Image Brightness100 Lumens
Display TechnologyLCD
Connectivity OptionsHDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Screen Mirroring
Image Contrast Ratio14000: 1

Key Features

  • A built-in Android TV for you to download the apps and stream at your will
  • 360-degree speaker to provide let you focus on the audio during intense scenes
  • A seamless aluminum body and lightweight ensures the durability and portability of the projector
  • It comes with 30000 hours lamp life, which means you can stream for ten years at an average of 6 hours daily

Anker Nebula Capsule is an award-winning pocket cutting-edge pocket cinema. It has a seamless aluminum body and is exceptionally lightweight that makes it durable and portable. So, it is easy to carry it from one place to another.

It features a DLP lamp that has 30000 hours of life for streaming day and night. It has a rechargeable battery with 4 hours of movie streaming life and 20 hours of audio streaming with Bluetooth. You need to charge the battery for two and a half hours before streaming a movie.

Anker Nebula Capsule has a built-in Android 7.1 TV that allows you to download different streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many more. This Android TV comes with 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB ROM to store the apps.

This projector has a 360-degree omnidirectional speaker to provide you a proper theatrical environment with high-quality audio. Moreover, it supports many devices such as PCs, Laptops, Mac, media players, and many more due to its multiple connectivity options.


  • High-quality audio
  • 100 ANSI lumens brightness
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • Manual Focus 


  • No USB port

6. Optoma X400LVe XGA Projector

Key Specifications

Image Resolution720p+1080p
Display TechnologyLCD
Connectivity OptionsHDMI, USB, VGA
Image Contrast Ratio25000: 1

Key Features

  • The XGA Resolution and 3600 lumens brightness provides you with crisp image quality
  • The projector comes with a 10-watt built-in speaker that enhances sound quality
  • It has a ±40 degrees keystone and a 1.1X zooming allowing more flexible placement
  • It comes with an excellent throw up to 15.5 feet to project a 120-inch display.
  • The lamp of this projector has a battery life of up to 15000 hours.

If you want to make your home a theatre in less than 500 dollars, then Optoma Projector is the best projector under $400. It features XGA resolution and 4000 lumens brightness to display the image in a dark and light environment. It demonstrates true cinematic colors to provide a theatrical environment within your home. 

This projector comes with a 10W built-in speaker to make the movie experience more intense. It is also compatible with multiple devices with the help of HDMI, VGA, Audio jack, USB, and RS-232 ports.

The Optoma projector comes with a ±40 degrees keystone and 1.1X zooming that allows you to place the projector to your liking. Also, it has a versatile image projection that makes this projector ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  So, now you don’t need to wait for the dark to watch a movie by using this projector.

The Optoma Projector has an excellent throw projection so that you can watch a 120-inch screen from 15.5 feet away. The projector lamp can shine brightly for 15000 hours for ten years at an average of 4 hours daily. 


  • Multiple Connectivity options
  • 4000 lumens and ZGA resolution
  • 10W speaker
  • 1.1x zoom-in option


  • Average Brightness Quality

7. Anker Nebula Capsule Projector

Key Specifications

Image Resolution1280x720p
Display TechnologyLCD
Connectivity OptionsBluetooth 4.0, HDMI 
Image Contrast Ratio14000: 1

Key Features

  • The DLP advanced IntelliBright technology features a radiant 100-ANSI-lumen image
  • The projector features 360-degree in-built omnidirectional speakers 
  • It has both HDMI and USB ports and Chromecast for easy connectivity of devices
  • The projector features Android 7.1 technology allowing you to use streaming apps 

The Nebula Projector is the best projector for small spaces. The lens of this projector is hidden beneath a protective cover, which makes it unique. The projector turns on when the lid is removed. The projector also features a DLP advanced light technology that projects out up to 100 ANSI lumen images at 720p resolution to project a steady and clear shot at any angle.

The projector also functions as an omnidirectional speaker system, and in this scenario, as a solid audio system with 360-degree speakers. The speaker can be connected to a phone or tablet, and music can be streamed.

Now you can connect and watch the video via HDMI and USB devices. The projector features multiple jacks, one HDMI port for linking with a computer, one USB port for attaching to a USB drive, and one audio jack connecting to headphones or external speakers.

The Android 7.1 technology allows you to Stream media apps without a hitch using the Chromecast option. Now you can download and binge-watch videos from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other sources on your tiny projector to provide hours of enjoyment without having to expose their eyes to direct light.


  • 100 ANSI Lumen
  • DLP advanced light technology
  • Multiple connectivities
  • 360-degree speakers


  • Short battery life

8. YABER Pro V7 9500L Projector

Key Specifications

Image Resolution1920x1080p
Display TechnologyLCD, LED
Connectivity OptionsVGA
Image Contrast Ratio12000: 1

Key Features

  • The Yaber features a BASIC smart engine to improve your overall visual experience
  • The projector features an auto 6D keystone correction along with regular 4P/4D keystone
  • The Digital Zoom feature allows you to reduce the 50% image size
  • The projector displays 9500 lumens of brightness with 1080p resolution
  • The projector supports 4G and 5G Wi-Fi dual-band, and a Bluetooth system 

The YABER Pro V7 is yet another excellent projector ideal for multipurpose use. It includes a BASIC Smart Engine, which is a new and advanced projection technology. It allows the projector to provide its users with the optimum audio-visual experience by focusing on five main features: luminance, vivid colors, sound quality, realistic display, and resolution.

This projector features the auto 6D keystone correction, which can automatically fix the image alignment within seconds. Apart from this, the Pro V7 still includes the basic 4-point and 4D keystone correction functions and the Auto 6D keystone correction.

This projector features dual-band Wi-Fi for internet speed and faster transmission. It also includes a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 capability with an SRS sound system to link the projector to multiple devices. 

Furthermore, the projector comes with a resolution of 1080p and an exceptional brightness of 9000 lumens, offering customers a tremendous dynamic contrast ratio of 8000:1 and a high-quality data image. You can also use the remote control to adjust the zoom option and adjust the image without moving the projector now and then.


  • BASIC Smart engine
  • 6D auto keystone correction
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • 1080p Resolution


  • No support stands

9. BenQ MS536 Projector

Key Specifications

Image Resolution800x600p
Display TechnologyGlass Lens
Connectivity OptionsHDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Image Contrast Ratio20000: 1

Key Features

  • It has 4000 ANSI lumen brightness to display the image in both light and dark environments
  • It comes with an exclusive picture mode which displays more explicit images
  • It has a fast transmission and Dual HDMI connectivity for convenience.
  • The 1.2x Zoom ratio and vertical keystone correction offers fast image alignment
  • The SmartEco mode saves up to 70% lamp power.

The BenQ MS536 Business Projector is one of the best projectors that comes under 400 dollars. The projector features 4000 ANSI lumens brightness and long lamp hours display to provide the HD view in bright and dark environments.

The projector features a stunning contrast display presentation to deliver a high-quality view at home. You can also adjust the alignment of the image by using the 1.2x zoom ratio. It also comes with an easy setup with a retractable foot and auto keystone for a quick photo setup. 

The BenQ projector comes with an exclusive picture review mode by which you can see every digit/letter of your data. This feature is helpful for business and education purposes, as you can see the displayed text and numbers on the screen more visibly. 

The Dual HDMI input makes the projector compatible with different devices. So, you can easily connect your device with this projector. Moreover, it has an Anti-dust sensor that protects the lamp from getting dusty and the image from getting distorted due to dust.

The SmartEco mode is there to save the power of the lamp up to 70%. This option increases the durability and life of the projector’s light. This projector is mainly used for business purposes to review business reports and presentations with emphasized contrast and clarity.


  • 4000 ANSI lumen
  • Retractable foot for a more straightforward setup
  • Fast Transmission
  • SmartEco Mode


  • No Bluetooth options

10. Epson VS260 Projector

Key Specifications

Image ResolutionXGA 1024x768p
Display TechnologyLCD
Connectivity OptionsHDMI, USB, Bluetooth
Image Contrast Ratio15000: 1

Key Features

  • The projector features 3,300 lumens of color and white brightness
  • The XGA resolution delivers crisp text and images
  • The accurate 3-chip 3LCD technology helps to see RGB color signals
  • Built-in speakers and skew sensors to improve video and audio quality
  • The projector features easy to zoom in and zoom out for convenience

The Epson VS230 3LCD projector has proven to be the most reliable projector on our list, and it costs less than 400 dollars. Epson is a well-known brand for producing high-quality projectors at a budgeted price with excellent performance.

It has a 3LCD display that offers a more precise, 100 percent accurate presentation of RGB colorful images. The projector features a zoom-in and zoom-out option to assist you during office presentations or classroom lectures for additional improvement in image quality.

The projector features XGA resolution and 3300-lumen brightness, which can enhance intelligence in dim or low light environments, which are the key reasons for its appeal. The accurate and vivid color presents make you always enjoy the graphic content

The projector has a built-in visual distortion detector that scans the picture and adjusts the vertical keystone in perfect sync to improve the image quality. The projector also has built-in speakers, which eliminates the need to attach additional speakers. The 2W speakers deliver a richer, more precise sound.

The projector is compatible with the most recent gadgets, such as laptops and media players. The projector has been built to work with HDMI, which combines digital audio and video into a single wire. 


  • XGA resolution
  • 3300 lumens brightness
  • Zoom option
  • 3LCD display


  • No Bluetooth options


With the help of a projector, you may enjoy cinema-style entertainment in the comfort of your own home. We’ve compiled a list of the Best Projector Under 400 in this article. If you want to transform your apartment into a place of fun, then grab one.

Before looking for the right product for your home, make a precise list of what you need. Regardless of how thorough your study is, the availability of so many good market possibilities can leave you perplexed. So, we have prepared a buying guide for you to understand better what you might want.

And if you want to know our perspective, we believe that the YABER Pro Y7 Projector is the greatest at the lowest price.

What Are the All-Time Biggest Benefits of Projectors?

If you buy the right projector, you will reap significant benefits such as:

Maximum Comfort

The next advantage is one of convenience. Perhaps you’re wondering what “convenience” is about in a projector. The explanation is more about how you see the display next to you with your eyes. When you can cover a massive screen with content, it’s more comfortable for your eyes to do so, as long as the quality is good. You can get that with a good projector.

Improved Picture Quality

The fantastic image quality which accompanies a projector is next on the list of advantages. A decent projector is not the same class as some flat displays that merely provide mediocre picture quality. Conventional TVs may also make it difficult to see the same image from multiple perspectives. You may get a whole 180-degree viewing angle by pairing your projector with specific screen layouts. When you connect a projector with an HD display, you don’t compromise visual quality because of the outstanding quality.

Manage Your Space

This leads us to the second advantage: control the capacity you would utilize without wasting space. Projectors typically use up very little space. In fact, you may hang your projector from your apartment’s roof. You won’t be wasting any room on your bookshelves or furnishings this way. When not being used, the screens can be placed to retract into the roof. Whereas such setups are pricier, they significantly benefit space savings when used with a hung projector. Hide a television in this manner is substantially more challenging.


Buying a projector for such an affordable price will only provide multiple benefits. You get many features that offer the highest quality resolution, enhancing the movie’s entertainment or a show you like. Try to look at the technical aspects such as aspect ratio, brightness level, etc. With projectors, you have benefits that – let’s say an average TV wouldn’t offer you for such an affordable price.

Buying Guide – Things to Look for While Buying Best Projectors

Before purchasing, look out for the key aspects crucial in determining whether your projector will provide you with an incredible experience.

Lamp Life

In most situations, the expense of changing the projector’s bulb or light over time must also be factored in. Usually, such bulbs endure many thousands of hours before the brightness of the projector begins to deteriorate. The frequency with which you utilize your projector will dictate when the light has to be replaced. Unique lamps in modern LED projectors survive significantly longer than ordinary projector bulbs.

Image Size

The picture must be at least 100 inches in length. However, you might not want to take one that is longer than 300 inches. A bigger picture might result in poor image quality. As a result, you should keep inside that range.

Projection Method

You’ll want to see whether you can use your remote to operate the projector from both the back and front. On the rear and front, there must be two infrared lenses. The projector must be capable of being mounted on the ceiling as well.

Aspect Ratio

It’s the fraction between the picture’s height and breadth. If the ratio is 4:3, the image is most likely 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. In the marketplace, there are only three prevalent aspect ratios. 4:3, 16:10, and 16:9 are the ratios: the bigger, the better in this case.


If you want HD, set the resolution to 1920×1080. However, in nearly any situation, quality of 800×600 or above be sufficient.

Keystone Correction

The term “key stoning” relates to the procedure of adjusting the picture’s size and aspects to get the desired window for your show. It should have a horizontal and vertical range of at least 30 degrees.


Suppose you’d like a projector that you can take around with you, stick to a projector that weighs no more than 6 pounds. If you don’t require mobility, though, weight isn’t an issue.

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